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Our Purpose

To retain female talent in South Australia by connecting, inspiring and empowering South Australia’s emerging women leaders.

Our Mission

Create a networking space where South Australian women can connect, collaborate and contribute to both their professional and personal development.

Our Vision

Spence Club aims to:

  • Build an engaging, inclusive and supportive network of professional women.
  • Help members build genuine, lasting connections with people who can positively influence their career trajectory.
  • Offer personal and professional development opportunities that help members to achieve their own definition of success.
  • Give back through philanthropic endeavours to support our local communities.
  • Drive cultural change to improve gender equity and increase female leadership.

Our Values

  • Connection: providing members with the opportunity to build genuine professional and personal connections.
  • Altruism: financially supporting local communities and charities to help South Australia thrive.
  • Equity: striving for gender equality through leadership and empowerment.
  • Inclusivity: attracting young, professional women from a diverse range of industries, professions, cultures and nationalities who all call South Australia home.



  1. Be part of a unique networking club for South Australian women.
  2. Meet and network with other women who are leaders in their fields.
  3. Build your personal profile in the South Australian community and/or the profile of your business.
  4. Attend inspiring events and workshops.
  5. Hear from outstanding guest speakers.
  6. Raise funds for designated charities through our events.


To find out more about the recent work of Spence Club, view and download our Spence-Club Annual Report 2017-18.