Ignite Leadership Scholarship

September 7th, 2019

In 2017, Spence Club launched its inaugural scholarship to give one lucky Spence Club member the opportunity to participate in Inkling’s renowned Ignite leadership program.

Here 2019 winner Kaitlyn Gray shares her experience:

Inkling’s Ignite course is a confronting, inspiring and energising program designed to challenge and break down each participant’s internal roadblocks – in their professional and personal lives – to help them lead and work in a way that is undeniably authentic.

Entering a room full of clearly driven women (we wouldn’t be there if we weren’t determined to be better versions of ourselves) was an initially intimidating process. But it didn’t take long for those professional and filtered walls to come down and some common themes to rise to the surface.

It was an absolute luxury to be able to spend two entire days focusing purely on myself – to investigate, discuss, challenge and establish who I truly am and where I can add the most value.

Kaitlyn Gray, 27, who has been a Spence Club member since 2018.

I had never had the opportunity to really consider what it is that I value and how that has inherently shaped how I lead and work. Over the two days I was able to spend time deconstructing my strengths, values, opportunities, leadership style and what it is that I legitimately want to achieve.

I left the program with a renewed sense of clarity in relation to what I have to offer. I felt inspired, not only by the course content but by the authentic connections I made with incredibly inspiring women, facilitated by this shared experience.

I have gained a more conscious understanding of how I project myself, how I can better leverage my strengths to be a thoroughly authentic leader and how I can best grasp new opportunities.

For those considering the Ignite program, I could not recommend it more. The value of the program itself, plus the platform to establish some wonderfully authentic relationships with female leaders across all industries, is invaluable. I am exceptionally grateful for the experience and would encourage all Spence Club members to apply next year.”

For more information on the Ignite program visit inkling.group or read about the experience of past winners here.

Scholarships and other professional development opportunities are offered exclusively to Spence Club members throughout the year. Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram channels for future announcements.

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