Spence Club & Inkling Women Scholarship – Ignite Program reflections

May 14th, 2018

In 2017, Spence Club launched its inaugural scholarship in conjunction with Inkling Women. One lucky Spence Club member was given the opportunity to participate in Inkling’s renowned Ignite program – here, winner Kimberley Kingsborough shares her experience:

As the very lucky recipient of the first Spence / Inkling Women scholarship I want to share a little about what this experience has meant to me.

Inkling Women’s ‘Ignite’ program is truly transformational. It’s empowered me to shift from a pretty limiting mindset full of self-doubt and powerlessness, to an incredibly liberating new way of thinking about myself, my strengths and my goals. This course is deeply personal, it is all about YOU. It is all about ALL of you, not just the you that comes to work. Knowing and embracing your authentic self is at the heart of the magic that Inkling Women is all about!

The ground work before the course was amplified by two days in a lovely cocoon of learning, that has given me new insights into:

  • My strengths – how to maximise them and why they are the ultimate fuel to my success.
  • Confidence – new ways of dealing with the internal voice that tries to hold us back.
  • Leadership – understanding what followers need from great leaders, and how authenticity is critical to being of best service to others.
  • My personal and professional goals – a holistic picture of what I want from my life in the
    next 5-10 years.

I have a new energy and the impact of how I’m thinking and acting differently is starting to have a snowball effect. I have confidence that I didn’t have before, which means I am stepping up to the table and feeling good about the contributions I am making. My relationships at work have improved – I’m giving and receiving feedback, which is helping me and others to improve. I feel certain about the things that are truly important to me, which is helping me to balance my time and I have a vision for my future that I’m working towards.

I am incredibly grateful that Spence Club and Inkling Women could make this opportunity possible.

Thank you a million times over! To anyone who is considering doing the Ignite program I would say without hesitation ‘DO IT’, you will never be the same!

– Kimberley Kingsborough