Q&A: Spence Club member and Thrive workshop winner Danielle Chant

May 6th, 2018

There is literature galore on the guilt that working mothers feel when trying to juggle both home and working lives.”

In April 2018, Spence Club Inc. partnered with Diversity Inclusion to offer one lucky member the opportunity to attend a full-day course on managing the dual challenges of motherhood and career.

Danielle Chant won the chance to join the Thrive workshop and tells Board Member and journalist Lauren Novak what she learned to help take control of her future.

LN: Tell us a bit about yourself?

DC: I am a passionate organisational psychologist working among lawyers in the Crown Solicitor’s Office of the Attorney-General’s Department. I have just entered my 30s and am pregnant with my first child, so I’m currently cramming in as much sleep and travel as humanly possible while I still can! I joined Spence Club at the start of 2018 to connect with likeminded, professional, aspiring women and to grow and develop in areas outside of my work and main interests.

LN: Why did you apply for the Thrive workshop?

DC: The opportunity arose just at the right time – I am 6 months pregnant with my first child, which is a huge life focus, but I am also at the stage in my life where I am passionate about progressing my career and assisting others. The dilemma of how to successfully pursue these two life stages simultaneously seemed daunting. I was after some support in how to live my values but still maintain a sense of purpose and continue to be valued in the working world.

LN: So what did it teach you?

DC: The course alerted me to my ability to take control of my goals and interests and provided me with advice on how I may like to assert myself in my career progression. It’s normalised the way I have felt about the future juggling of family and working life and provided insight into some approaches others have taken to achieve success.

LN: What’s your plan of attack now that you’ve picked up these tools?

DC: I will now take some steps to plan for my upcoming change by identifying my values, pre-planning for set-backs and barriers and identifying supports to allow me to achieve my desired outcomes. One thing that I took away from the session that I’ve shared with many friends, and have been astounded by their responses, is the concept of the mental load that women often carry. This comic that Diversity Inclusion shared with us explains it well.

LN: Why would you recommend other members apply if Spence Club and Diversity Inclusion can offer this opportunity again?

DC: There is literature galore on the guilt that working mothers feel when trying to juggle both home and working lives. This workshop provides practical, easily implementable tools to assist women to lead the situation and make necessary changes to ensure that they can manage successful home and working identities.