Spence Club Inc. – In The News

April 18th, 2018

Stay up to date with some of the latest external articles regarding Spence Club Inc.

The Future of Work

The future of workplaces and the job market was at the centre of a Q&A panel discussion held by Spence Club Inc. as part of the Open State Festival in October, 2017. Spence Club founder Lauren Zwaans and member Bec Bishop featured, with their sons William and Louis, in an article ahead of the event in The Advertiser, written by Board Member and journalist Lauren Novak. It also canvassed the views of the panellists to generate interest in the discussion. The article was syndicated in The Daily Telegraph in Sydney too. Find out more here: Advertiser-Future of Work ; Telegraph-Future of Work

Brain Drain Dilemma

The so-called “brain drain” of young people out of South Australia is one of the reasons why Spence Club was founded in 2014. One of our core aims is to retain female talent in SA. Spence Club member Priya Sharma featured in an article examining the issue in The Advertiser, written by Board Member and journalist Lauren Novak, in October 2016. Find out more here: Advertiser-FrontPage-BrainDrain ; Advertiser-BrainDrain2016

Women in Wine

Championing South Australian women is what we do at Spence Club, and especially those succeeding in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Winemakers Bernice Ong, Selina Kelly and Corrina Wright joined Spence members for an evening of wine tasting and education in September, 2016. They spoke to Board Member and journalist Lauren Novak for an article that appeared in The Advertiser on the day of the event. Find out more here: Advertiser-Women in Wine